Monday, June 14, 2010

Local Hero Captures Attention of Sleeping Lawmakers

Ron Gulla, Hickory, PA landowner, instrumental in bringing environmental destruction committed by gas drillers to the attention of lawmakers.
State Lawmakers Call For Drilling Moratorium In Pa.
Posted: 10:29 pm EDT June 13, 2010
Updated: 5:42 pm EDT June 14, 2010
HICKORY, Pa. -- Some state lawmakers including Senator Jim Ferlo and Congressman Joe Sestak are calling for a moratorium on drilling until environmental concerns can be addressed.

Two recent accidents at Marcellus Shale drilling sites, in Clearfield County, Pa., and in Moundsville, WV., have officials concerned. In both cases no one was injured, but people living near the sites are worried about more accidents.

About 40 people from Upper Burrell toured Marcellus Shale drilling sites in Hickory, Washington County on Sunday.

The group is concerned with possible hazards from the drilling, which is growing in scale across western Pennsylvania.

Township manager Ross Walker is not sold on the benefit of Marcellus Shale drilling.

"It's contaminating water tables,” said Walker. “It’s creating fumes in the air, very bad chemicals in water supplies. Creeks and ponds have been ruined"

Washington County resident Debbie Borowiec is also worried about the toll this is taking on the environment.

"It took millions of years to create this earth and they could destroy it in about 15 minutes," said Borowiec.

Walker said he hopes the moratorium will pass so Hickory Township can have time to prepare.

"This is happening to fast and it wouldn't be too bad to have a one year moratorium so the township can react to this," he said.

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