Monday, June 21, 2010

This Is Where Our Gas Is Going

24 Multinationals Move HQ to Shanghai
July 15, 2010

Pennsylvania's Marcellus Shale Gas is not for local consumption. Hate to break it to you but the growth and the smart money is not betting on the U.S. or Pennsylvania. It's betting on China where the growth is. We can expect higher, not lower gas prices.
Think! At $4, how much lower is natural gas going? Has
your gas bill gone down since natural gas was at $15 a few years ago?

"24 multinational companies, have decided to move their regional headquarters to Shanghai, including 6 Fortune 500 companies such as Vale, Walt Disney and Kraft Foods."

"This will push the total number of companies with regional headquarters in Shanghai to nearly 300. Nearly 500 have regional research and development centers there."

"Shanghai has been China's top destination, for multinationals. Even during the world economic slump, the city's foreign direct investment still increased. Data shows Shanghai's foreign direct investment has already surpassed more than 5 billion US dollars in the first half of this year."