Monday, June 21, 2010

UPDATE 7/7: Let The Frac Show Begin

This is the closest (frac-ready) drilling site to McClelland Farms so far.

The frac rigging is being erected on Ridge Ave. As soon as it's ready you can watch the round-the-clock process called hydro fracturing. Maybe you will witness a blowout or explosion. At minimum you'll see good roads get pulverized under tremendous truck traffic. FYI - It's taken over a year to get this site ready for this stage of the process. You won't miss it. It's a huge excavation.

UPDATE: About midnight Karen and I were drivng by the Ridge Avenue well and the scene was breathtaking. There were at least 40 tractor trailers parked on the drilling platform. There were another twenty trucks in staged in a long line along the access road into the platform area. I drove about a mile away from the well site and the noise level was equivalent to hearing a 747 landing over and over again. Non-stop airblast. The platform area, about 4 acres in size, was completely engulfed in a cloud. In the night from a thousand feet away it looked like a dust cloud. I don't know what was in it.

I also drove down around to Chartiers Run Road to the frac water pipeline that feeds clean water and returns wastewater. I could smell the chemicals in the wastewater.