Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Counting Down.....

We are awaiting test results for air, water and soil at a site here in Washington County where a spill occurred on Mother's Day. Up until now, these spills and contamination events have gone on in secret due to the lack of sophistication on the part of land owners and neighbors who were badly effected. They did not have the resources to verify or even measure what occurred. They were always met with being shouted down by the drilling companies and the PA DEP. They were told that the contamination was just a coincidence and not related to the drilling.

Those days are over. Things are about to change, no thanks to our state agencies charged with safe guarding our natural resources.

We will post what really happened when it comes available.

In the mean time go check out Mayor Calvin Tillman's email sent out on June 1

Here is an email from Calvin Tillman, Mayor, Dish, Texas.
Search You Tube for Mayor Calvin Tillman.
You will find a man who has served as mayor for no salary and travelled across America, including Pennsylvania, to warn Americans about the destruction that comes with frac drilling. He does these nationwide trips at his own expense.
Meet a real hero.

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Subject: My Future in DISH

It is with great difficulty that I post this message. There have been many of you that have supported me through our battle to save this tiny community. Some of you have supported me for several years now. Some of you have donated to the town’s legal fees, and I appreciate that support. However, I am reaching my breaking point in the fight.