Thursday, June 24, 2010

Corporatism rules America.

Corporations spend billions to generate legislation which benefits their bottom lines. Their lobbyists write the legislation and bribe the corrupt Washington politicians. The American people suffer.

Mega corporations are not inherently evil, immoral, or greedy. The men who run the Mega corporations are evil, immoral and greedy. EPS, profits, and bonuses are what drive corporate executives.

Mega corporations use their political connections, highly paid lobbyists, and vast financial resources to steer legislation in order to reap greater profits.

The people that Josh Fox profiles in his film are poor, uneducated, hard working, and helpless. They are no match for a big corporation. They don’t have the financial resources to fight a corporation with thousands of lawyers and billions of dollars.

Corporations see the "small people" as just another cost of doing business. The deaths of some uneducated country folk are inconsequential to the Harvard MBAs running corporate America.

The gas drilling companies have a checklist on how to rape and pillage the land.
1. They low-ball the country bumpkins who occupy the land for the drilling rights.

2. They promise that the fracking process is safe.

3. When they contaminate the wells and people complain, they deny it was their fault.

4. If the complaints persist, they agree to pay for the well water being cleaned.

5. If this doesn’t work, they pay the occupants a lump sum of money and make them sign a legal document saying they can’t speak about the issue with anyone.

6. When people begin to die, they put their high-powered legal teams into action fighting every charge until the victim gives up.

The Federal and State regulators of the gas industry have been instructed by their politician bosses that the benefit of the doubt should always be given to the corporations. They generate the tax revenue. They generate the jobs. They make the political contributions. The people drinking the contaminated water can’t have any impact on a politician’s re-election.
The unholy alliance between Big Business and Big Government is destroying this country. The "small people" do matter. The time is approaching when the little guy is going to rise up and take back what is rightfully theirs. Some people are waking up. Some people are getting angry. Some people care about the future of this country.

Excerpts from "Too Small To Matter"
by Jim Quinn
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