Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Gov Rendell: "...We're not only going to rely on our own technicians and engineers, we're going to hire outside experts...."

Way to go Governor! Better late than never.

Notice how 'the protector of the gas industry', almost whispers in this conversation. Never an admission of being responsible for the utter destruction of people's lives.

Seems like the only thing politicians demonstrate any competency at is total mastery of how to tax their serfs who provide all the effort that powers the state's economy. Everything else is executed with their 'on-the-job' training mentality but we pay these trainees 'expert', pay grade salaries while they siphon off billions to off-shore corporations.

They investigate and send each other to jail for nickle and dime petty crimes. But they claim ignorance and absolve themselves after they whore out the people of the Commonwealth for billions of dollars. Dollars that are lost forever - not investments.