Sunday, May 23, 2010

State College Area Gets It's Wake-up Call

The above photo is from a gas compressor station in Shreveport LA. Many such deaths, stillborn cattle and calves with no pupils in their eyes - white eyes - have already occurred here in WashCo.
Centre County, PA weighs pros and cons of natural gas drilling

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Repairs are under way on state Route 144 in Noyes Township, in Clinton County north of the Centre County border. Heavy truck traffic has left a few miles of the road so full of potholes that it is difficult to navigate. Traffic had been limited to one lane, forcing drivers to follow a pilot car through the stretch while the repair work is ongoing.

A Centre County task force has been formed to look at the potential consequences, pro and con, of Marcellus Shale drilling and advise the county on what it can do to prepare for — and how it might benefit from — it.

Among the first actions the task force is taking is calling on county commissioners to push for
legislation that would make natural gas taxable, as it was before a 2002 court decision, and bring money to the municipalities, school districts and counties where drilling takes place. The group also wants to host a forum for similar task forces from around the state in July. “Millions of dollars are being lost that could be used to both increase services and decrease property tax(es) for all residents and commercial interests, except gas and oil, who currently do not pay anything,” reads the proposal.

its efforts to anticipate what more drilling will bring, the task force is also looking at what is happening in other counties that have been experiencing the effects — good and bad — of the gas boom.

Bradford County, for example, saw roads fall apart under heavy truck traffic faster than they could be repaired. Chris Doyle, Anadarko Petroleum Corp.’s general manager of Marcellus operations, said he thinks everyone recognizes the potential the industry has to create and sustain jobs. He said the community needs to be comfortable that the company is being a responsible developer and good neighbor.

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