Thursday, May 20, 2010

KDKA VIDEO: Shale Drilling Prompts Waste Water Concerns

May 19, 2010
So far 3,000 drilling permits have been issued in Pennsylvania, and 1,200 gas wells are already underway.

Conservative estimates say those numbers will triple in the coming years.

People like June Chappel who live next to Marcellus Shale operations say they've had to endure round-the-clock drilling, truck traffic, dirt and dust and noxious odors.

Just beyond her property line is a pit, which until recently held the water and chemicals used in the drilling process.

"You couldn't sit out in your yard because it would give you a sickening headache," Chappel said.

In a process called fracking, liquids are pumped underground and shot into the rock to free the gas.

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