Friday, May 7, 2010

Ron Gulla's Story

Range Resources v. Ronald Gulla and Laurel Gulla
Range Resources is suing the Gulla's for not taking $1,500,000 in hush money to shut-up about the devastation of their beautiful farm in Hickory, PA. But Ron Gulla has refused to be "bought-off" in exchange for his silence.
Think about it. Gulla's farm, thanks to Range Resources, isn't worth $2.00. No bank will write a mortgage against it even though it's free and clear of any debt. It an industrial, toxic waste site now.
Ron Gulla could have selfishly taken the $1.5 million for his worthless farm and walked away to live his life. But "crazy", "disgruntled", Ron Gulla is fighting the case at his own additional expense, just so that he can be free to speak out and to alert the un-informed, people of Pennsylvania. To help them understand that this un-conventional drilling ain't like the old gas drilling. And he does it all at his own expense.

Ron Gulla has a message for you; "Frack drilling is going to kill this entire state at every level... environmental, economic and societal."

Ron Gulla is a better man than me. I'd take the offer and be gone is sixty seconds to take care of my own family.

This man saved the lives and fortunes of my family and I. Hopefully his message will save your's and millions of others.

Ron Gulla in Clearville
Gas Drilling is Unsafe - We MUST Do Better

Natural gas drilling has been a boom for some, a bust for others
Washington, PA Observer-Reporter
16 November 2008
By Michael Jones, Staff writer
Documentary details gas well drilling woes
Special guest Ron Gulla of Hickory, who was the second property owner in Pennsylvania to have horizontal gas well drilling done on his land in 2005 to 2007, will give his firsthand account of what property owners can expect from the industry.